Christmas shopping isn't totally over until EVERYONE has a gift waiting underneath the tree... including little Princess Kitty McHairball, despite her mischievous ways. But what do cats really even want for Christmas? Aside from the 18x24 corrugated cardboard box your actual gift will arrive in.

In all seriousness, we surveyed 100 undomesticated alley cats and asked them "What would you like for Christmas". Here is the top 10 most requested gifts for cats, by cats :)
0:03 - The SureFlap -
1:12 - Footloose Cat Potty -
1:55 - Cat Mod Climb Track -
3:25 - Kitty Sill -
4:10 - Petkit Eversweet -
4:57 - Catit Treat Spinner -
5:33 - Kitty Pouch-Cuddler -
6:45 - Trixie Activity Center -
8:01 - A-Frame Cat Bed -
9:12 - The Ripple Rug -

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed this presentation of awesome cat gadgets for Christmas gifts! The 2018 version! Make sure to drop a comment down below and share your favorite feline gift ideas!

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