In this video we'll be making an insanely bright water-cooled LED light that looks remarkably similar to sunlight! This is because it uses a high quality LED from Yuji which as a high colour rendering index (CRI). Since its completion this project has been used to light every single one of my videos! It's just that good! ↓↓↓PARTS LIST BELOW↓↓↓ High-quality Yuji LED (best LED ever in my opinion): OR Generic LED (not as good colour rendition, but similar brightness): eBay: Liquid Cooler: US: UK: LED Voltage Regulator: Amazon US: Amazon UK: eBay US: eBay UK: Lens and Reflector: eBay US: eBay UK: Mini voltage regulator: eBay: BRACKET TEMPLATES: Video sponsored by VideoBlocks.Visit to redeem your 7-day free trial to VideoBlocks!