Does your pet spend most of the day lounging around the house, gaining weight while losing motivation? Problem solved! In today's video we're featuring 5 innovative new pet gadgets that will keep your pet active and healthy. Smart inventions for smart cats and dogs!
0:04 - Go Pet Petrun - - Small Version ( - An incredible indoor treadmill for dogs this is available in 6 sizes for canines of all sizes.
1:56 - The Little Cat - - A futuristic smart cat wheel that offers a modern looking treadmill-like fitness program with integrated database recorded exercise information.
2:47 - All for Paws Launcher - - A fun automatic dog ball launcher that simplifies they way we play fetch with our pets.
3:32 - PetSafe Laser - - A futuristic interactive laser cat toy that improves feline agility while providing an optimal fitness routine.
3:55 - Moody Pet Fling - - An innovatively designed cat toy that hangs on your door handle and provides endless amounts of fun for your pet.
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