Good afternoon, Gang! In today's presentation we'll be highlighting 5 interesting new gadgets that are recognized for their usefulness. Not just your average run-of-the-mill do-dad's. This includes an amazingly quick bonding gadget and the greenest possible way to wash your undergarments. Leave a comment below and share your thoughts on these awesome new useful gadgets! ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­---------------------- 0:05 - OKO - - An incredibly useful double-eyed viewfinder for smartphones. This awesome new gadget allows you to take optimal quality snapshots using the camera on your phone. 2:38 - PARA - - A futuristic laser measure device that provides optimal accuracy and ease of use. Never misalign another centerpiece with this useful modern marvel. 5:49 - Total Glue - - A totally amazing and innovative light-curing adhesive device that allows for quick and easy repairs. Skip expensive repair fees and DIY! 7:45 - Polar Seal - - A stylishly designed heated sweater that offers warmth on demand with built-in ultra-thin heating technology, boosting 3 levels and targeted heating location. 8:58 - Gentlewasher - - Perhaps the greatest, most effective non-electric manual washing machine available now. Effectively clean up to 6.5 lbs of dirty laundry in just 5 minutes. Yes, really! ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­--------------------- ⇢ Subscribe to The Future Is Now ⇢ Featuring the latest futuristic inventions, amazing gadgets and other awesome technological advancements that you've probably never seen before! Thanks for watching! Until next time... Look to the Future! OKO video credit: