Get ready for a jam-packed showcasing of new innovative gadgetry arriving in 2019. Checkout the links below for early access to the gizmos featured in today's video. Also drop a comment down yonder and share which gadget is your favorite!
0:05 - Bluesphere - - A multi-faceted wireless smartphone stand and charging solution that mounts to almost anything.

1:50 - Motochimp - - A retro designed electric moped that's crafted from aluminum alloy, boasting speeds up to 25 MPH.

3:53 - Steadycross - - A ground breaking magnetic camera stabilizer with a twin grip 3-axis gimbal.

5:53 - Stixfresh - - A brilliant new solution for extending the shelf life of fruits and vegetables up to 2 weeks.

7:07 - Blade - - An incredible pair of A.I. enabled earphones that provide voice assistance, workout statistics, and real-time heart rate.
Thanks for watching! Until next time... Look to the Future!

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