Step into a world where the endless bounds of nature have been intercepted by the digital revolution in which we live. Never before has mankind experienced the modern conveniences that are currently available. The 5 inventions featured in this video provide only a glimpse of things to come... in the future... and the present! Drop a comment below and share with us which outdoor gadget you found the most innovative. ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­---------------------- 0:05 - Bivystick - - A potential life saving gadget that transforms your smartphone device into a fully functioning satellite communication transmitter. Going off the grid? YOU NEED THIS! 2:27 - Bandito - - A futuristic wearable solution for repelling mosquitoes that combines sonic sound waves and scent strips. 3:52 - Coolingstyle - - Resist the summer heat with this awesome hand-held outdoor air conditioning unit that is both whisper quiet a energy efficient. 5:33 - 8K Flexwarm - - Brave the outdoors in the lowest of temperatures with this modern designed heated jacket that connects, and is regulated via your smartphone device. Say hello to the Future! 6:44 - Geyser System - - An amazingly useful outdoor gadget that allows you to take a 7-minute hot shower, using just 1 gallon of water. This is truly a must have gadget for any camping trip. ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­--------------------- ⇢ Subscribe to The Future Is Now ⇢ Featuring the latest futuristic inventions, amazing gadgets and other awesome technological advancements that you've probably never seen before! Join us next time when we feature 5 of the most anticipated camping inventions for fall 2018! Be there or be square! You decide... Thanks for watching! Until next time... Look to the Future!