6 AMAZING INVENTIONS everyone should see ► For copyright matters please contact us at: ECOROBOTIX The "EcoRobotix" company created a robot that helps in farming. The farm robot looks like a small table on wheels. It moves around the site, detects the weeds using several cameras and sprays chemicals on them CAFÉ X With each new step technologies bring forward the day when robots will replace humans in the workplaces. One such case was the installation of a robotic bartender in Cafe X (San Francisco). INVATION EZ A portable folding bed Ivation EZ is unusual not only in its way of transformation, but also in compact dimensions and light weight for transportation. FIREHOSE Japanese engineers have developed an unusual robotic hose for firefighters. The main feature of the development lies in its ability to hang in the air, and in such a position to extinguish the fire. FLYER The Kitty Hawk has introduced a new version of the single-seat passenger “Flyer” multi-copter. A new decorotor model can be in the air for up to 20 minutes and accelerate upto 20 miles per hour. MOTORCYCLE DOLLY The Parking Assistant by Trackmoto solves problems with storage and parking of a motorcycle. An adjustable metal frame on 6 swivel wheels with a mechanical brake will allow compact placement of a motorcycle weighing up to 1257 lbs. ALLTERNATIVE BALLISTICS GUN Despite the numerous movies’ scenes of the policemen shooting on the legs and hands, in reality they are taught to fire on the corps of the perpetrators, inflicting minimal harm and saving their lives though. However, most often it leads to fatal outcome.