Browsing the interwebs for some new gadgetry? Search no further! In today's video we're highlighting 7 new incredibly innovative gadgets that can currently be captured within the wondrous landscapes of the Amazon... website. Enjoy the presentation! ...and make sure to let us know which one these 8 inventions you think is the coolest of all. ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­---------------------- 0:07 - Simple Shower - 1:23 - Gerber Dime - 2:02 - UP Move - 3:02 - Ztylus Stinger - 4:38 - KMASHI Night Light - 5:27 - SOG Flint - 6:54 - Crabby Wallet - 8:37 - Lamicall Stand - ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­--------------------- ⇢ Subscribe to The Future Is Now ⇢ Featuring the latest futuristic inventions, amazing gadgets and other awesome technological advancements that you've probably never seen before! Featured gadgets on amazon include: A simple showering device that attaches to any standard size water bottle! Perfect for camping trips! Next we have an awesome budget priced multi tool that Inspector Gadget himself would envy! Next up is a futuristic wearable tech device that guides you on your weight loss journey. Also featured is a potentially life-saving car emergency escape gadget that is capable of breaking glass and cutting through a seat belt. Next is a cool bedside nightlight gadget that adjusts brightness levels and color by way of touch. Then we see a cool new affordable survival defense gadget that features both a fire starting mechanism and glass breaking capability. Coming in at #2 we see a totally awesome new minimalist slim wallet that costs under $15! #1 on the top list is the insanely useful smartphone cradle stand that provides ease of charging and optimal viewing. That's a wrap for the countdown! Tune in next time when highlight more of the coolest gadgets on amazon! Thanks for watching! Until next time... Look to the Future! * Amazon links are affiliate links