Welcome back, Futurettes! In tonight's presentation we're featuring 7 innovative new gadgets that are coming to market in 2019. Visit the links in the description to show your support for these awesome gadgets. Also leave a comment below and share your thoughts!
0:04 - SirTeen 2.0 - - A ground breaking new modular USB cable that supports 5 different connectors and can be trimmed to 1.5 to 16 feet in length.

1:10 - S Conserver - - A 3 in 1 solar powered charging solution and storage bank with 256GB of space, 3 USB ports for simultaneous charging, plus a powerful 16 LED light panel.

2:14 - Anrom - - An innovative new smart wallet design that protects against access to your cards in the event of theft.

3:03 - Quantum - - A mesmerizing smartphone controlled ambient light like you've never seen before.

3:41 - Elios GPS Tracker - - An incredible new smart tracking device that utilizes Narrowband technology, allowing for coverage 7 times greater than LTE.

4:28 - Remlide Flashlight - - An ultra-durable solar-powered flashlight that is encased in a resin cylinder, completely water and shock proof.

6:07 - Varaha - - Perhaps the most versatile backpack and travel pack coming in 2019. 7 different configurations.
Thanks for watching! Until next time... Look to the Future!
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