Cats are like humans: they take lots of naps, they use their tongue to groom themselves, and perhaps most of all... they are absolutely mesmerized by cool gadgets! So next time you catch your kitty cat meowzing the internet for some awesome new cat inventions, consider sharing this video with them! Let us know which cat inventions you enjoyed the most! ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­---------------------- 0:03 - ScoopFree - - The fully automatic self cleaning litter box solution that your cat has been waiting for, has finally arrived. Feast your eyes on this amazing advancement in feline technology! 2:32 - Cat Cloud - - Introducing the most unique cat perch the world has ever seen! This wall mounted feline outlook can support up to 70 lbs and is crafted from steel. 3:26 - FURminator - - Finally, a de-shedding tool that actually works! The ergonomic stainless steel design also features a handy release button for quick fur disposal. 4:52 - Catit Senses 2.0 Food Tree - - A brilliantly innovative cat tower that increases your cats level of activity, while providing a fun challenge that offers a reward! Win win, kitty, din din! 5:49 - Coastline Global CheckUp - - Things aren't always fun and games in the cat world. Monitor the health status of your beloved little kitty with the use of this innovative new 'at-home cat wellness' testing kit. 7:11 - K&H Thermo-Kitty Bed - - Keep your kitty cat warm when the temperature gets low! This heated zip-top convertible cat bed is efficiently powered by 4 watts of energy. 8:30 - Pawbo Spring - - An amazingly futuristic pet watering device that records video by motion detection, while also monitoring how much water your cat drinks, and notifies you if they aren't consuming enough. 9:48 - Meowijuana - - Sometimes life can be a little stressful, even for cats. Due to recent advancements in science, pet owners can now provide a potent strain of the finest organic bud (catnip), decked out in an appropriately fitting glass container... ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­--------------------- ⇢ Subscribe to The Future Is Now ⇢ Featuring the latest futuristic inventions, amazing gadgets and other awesome technological advancements that you've probably never seen before! Thanks for watching! Until next time... Look to the Future! * Amazon links are affiliate links