Save 10% at Ridge Wallet with offer code LINUS at Check out Seasonic's PRIME 850 W Titanium on Amazon (Paid Link) at Save 15% today with offer code LTT on Displate at Podcast Download: Timestamps: (Courtesy of Prasoon Tiwari) 0:00:00: Pre-intro topic highlights 0:01:04: Intro 0:01:34: Apple's portless iPhone & Wireless tech discussion 0:07:56 : YouTube Stream Issues (YouTube interface issues) 0:12:49: Upcoming Projects (FiberOptics in house) 0:13:30: Back to portless iPhone 0:17:36: Paul's Hardware & Bitwit Charity Live Stream 0:18:13: TikTok limiting reach of particular groups of individuals + Linus leave to shoot video 0:22:49: Craigslist now has an App (Facebook Marketplace comparison) 0:25:01: Linus is back + Cragslist discussion continues 0:30:22: [SPONSOR] Ridge Wallet 0:31:12: [SPONSOR] Seasonic 0:32:31: [SPONSOR] Displate (LTT Displate?) 0:35:25: Pitaka (casemaker) claims UnboxTherpy ripped off their design 0:42:40: (Sub-topic) UnboxTherpy issuing Copyright claims against Pitaka + Linus' own experience 0:46:00: Back to UnboxTherpy-Pitaka topic 0:50:28: TL;DW for the UnboxTherpy-Pitaka topic 0:54:55: Linus checking if Pitaka ever contacting him 0:57:00: Intel brings back 22nm Haswell 0:58:41: Superchats + Linus' apologises for Stream quality and issues 1:10:30: WAN Show ends