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Number 5:
00:10 ➤➤ Indoor tech Therm designed by “Gutjahr floor tech”☛

If you’ve had enough with traditional floor heating technology, here is the advanced and budget-friendly system for you. You’ve probably heard or seen a number of floor heating systems but ‘Gutjahr indoor tech therm is far better than all. Before initiating the installation, double layered blocks are applied at the edge of the wall so the concrete cannot damage the bottom of the wall.

Gutjahr has planned the therm plates so accurately that it will not let a single drop of water spoil your elegant floor. The thermal plates have well-designed loops that hold tightly the pipe and do not allow the pipes to pop out. Once the plate installation work is completely done, the base is totally secured and you can start flooring the tiles happily.

Number 4:
02:48 ➤➤ Splitting Effect designed by Rives ☛

Beginning of crakes on the wall is always irritating but when we do it intentionally, it turns into an artful structure. So here it is an exquisite and attention-grabbing crack-art that can mesmerize you within a couple of seconds. The artwork begins with the application of synthetic plaster.

Let it dry for a couple of hours when you’re done. You will start noticing artificial cracks on the wall but relax it is just a kind of texture. Now as the texture is ready we can start painting on it. At first, paint the entire wall with a matte color ton. Here you can find we take copper but you can go with what you like.

After the first layer of color, it is necessary to cover the crakes so we apply here the same synthetic plaster here we used before. Now, it’s time to shine the wall so let’s use some glossy colors. Here we have copper as a first option. When you deep your duster into the color, rub the surface a little so we can avoid dripping. The color is ready to shine.

Next, choose a contrast color so we can give an outstanding look to the wall. Here the silver is a perfect option for the cooper. Hurray! The human-made crack is ready to enhance the look of the wall.

Number 3:
006:17 ➤➤ Brickform Decorative Fan Patterns designed by “brick-form”☛

Doing such kind of beautiful patterns is not a child’s play but ‘Brickform’ makes this possible for you with a team of experts. It starts with planning a perfect concrete block then we make the surface clean and smooth before it dries.

Our enthusiastic team members keep the printed patterns ready and place them on the surface of the block. Some of the imperfection can be aligned by a little effort too. And the brick pattern is ready to go.

Number 2:
06:54 ➤➤: hydraulic tile border designed by baldosasbalarmoca ☛

It is the symbol of the human-art ‘a hydraulic tile’. This micro-work is done in a pre-designed container. The container is divided into 3 sections. A worker fills various colors to make it attractive and colorful. Once the color filling process is over, the structure is removed and now they add sand, concrete and other materials that will hold the color tightly. The final part is heat-pressing and here we have an attractive tile.

Number 1:
08:14 ➤➤ Laying stone ☛

Do you know?
Laying stone is one of the most beautiful but tough artwork. In the first step, workers apply the cement pest and then start placing one by one stone. The work is really tough because a worker must be accurate while arranging the stones. Once the arrangement is done, the work seals the cracks. After finishing it, he smoothly wipes out the extra pest using a wet duster. Finally, you have a mirror-like shine.

Voice Commentary: Joe
ScriptWriter: TK Ketan
Video Editor: AMJATH KHAN

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