8 Amazing Ingenious TOOLS you can buy now in 2019

00:11 ➤➤ PacTool - Gecko Gauge ☛

✔ Packtool is a kind of gauge tool designed by ‘general tools’. It is simple, easy to use and no need any technical sense. Just clamp the pair of gauge on siding and the pair of gauge keep holding the next siding until you nail it. The tool is also flexible so you can set the size according to usage. Quite simple and easy to use.

00:44 ➤➤ JOKARI Wire stripper QUADRO Plus ☛

✔If you have had enough with wiring work, this multipurpose tool will be your helping hand. Cutting – insulation stripping – twisting and crimping, four functions in any one tool, Bingo! Want color variation? Simple, remove the blue cartridge and replace with red one.

01:50 ➤➤ GaffTech GaffGun Tape Applicator ☛

✔ This tap applicator is designed by Gafftech Gaffgun. Wire mashup on the floor or want to apply safety mark, Gaffgun is on the way to make everything perfect. Integrated core locks and other safety features promise to last longer. No matter if it is a factory, a mall, a shop or any other industrial area, this tinny walker does its best.

02:39 ➤➤ JÖST abrasives: Pipe Sanding System 2000 ☛

✔Jost abrasive is a pipe cleaning tool that anyone can use easily. Tighten the belt and adjust the drive machine until it is in line with the collar. Before starting to adjust the safety protection in such a way that lock of the drive belt does not strike the edge of the protection. place it around the workpiece and an electrical driving unit is ready to rotate.

03:53 ➤➤ FOOTLIFT ☛

✔This is a Russian innovation, designed in order to work on higher spots or jungle area. The assembly hardly takes 15 minutes in installation. Once it is done, you just need to start paddling and the footlift does the rest. Amazing technique and fabulous structure are able to hold up to 450 kg. Additionally, it can take you up to 14M very quickly. Footlift – the middle name of total security and 100% safety.

04:43 ➤➤ Onycho Correct ☛

✔The ingrown nail applicator is applied on the nail and the hooks are inserted in the nail channel. The nail is a sensitive part of the body so it is advisable to act the process in warmer water which also soften the nail and nail channel. The treatment requires only 20 minutes during keep your leg in the water. Once the treatment is over, dry your leg. It’s time to avoid the proverb “no pain, no gain” Onycho – let’s get out of pain.

05:41 ➤➤ Roof Snake by Pactool ☛

✔Roof snake is here to make your time tough work simple. The snake shape helps you insert the nail and strike it without damaging the existing course.


✔This brilliant adjustable woodpecker will be the perfect assistant in handling your routine cutting work. Just install the channel set the scale as per your requirement and it’s ready to go. 20, 45 or 90 degrees, whatever angles you need, this smart cutting master is adjustable at any size.


Voice Commentary: Joe
ScriptWriter: TK Ketan
Video Editor: AMJATH KHAN

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