Today we will introduce you to a very interesting country. In this amazing country, merchants themselves lower their prices. Some 40 years ago, this region was considered one of the most backward and seedy on the planet. Now this country is one of the safest places on earth. There are almost no cases of theft. The hotel rooms here do not even have individual safes, which are almost an indispensable attribute of prestigious hotels around the world. This state is called the "fairy tale of the East" because of the rare combination of various climatic zones. There is free education and medical care, 350 sunny days a year. Here, upon reaching the age of majority, each citizen is given a plot of land for building a house, and on the main holiday in the country, the Sultan announces a loan amnesty. There are no taxes for individuals, and they are sent to prison for cheating on spouses. There is no unemployment in this country, no homeless people, no beggars, and the national healthcare system is one of the best in the world.