The MacBook Air is important. It’s the entry point in the Mac lineup. It’s the college laptop, the freelancer’s companion, and a favorite of every Mac fan on a budget. It’s also where many people get their first impression of the Mac. That means it needs to balance both performance and price. I tested two versions of the new MacBook Air to see how each of them walks this tightrope. The Core i3 model starts at $999, while the Core i5 is at $1,199. Each sports the new “Magic Keyboard” as a headline feature. So, is the latest MacBook Air the perfect introduction to the Mac or, like many recent entry-level Macs, a poor first impression? Full Review: Apple MacBook Air (2020): SUBSCRIBE FOR THE LATEST VIDEOS VISIT DIGITAL TRENDS In our studio: BDI Corridor Media Console: Music: Digital Trends may earn a commission when you buy through links on our channels. FOLLOW US!