AirPods 2 – Whats the Difference

AirPods 2 with a new Wireless charging case is here. They look pretty much identical to AirPods 1 but what’s the difference? Subscribe for my AirPods 2 vs Galaxy Buds Review + Comparison!
Secret Galaxy S10 Wallpapers!

the 2019 AirPods feature wireless charging, a new H1 chip that enables hey Siri through voice, 50% more talk time and faster switching between devices.

Wireless Chargers!

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1) Weiler 1250A

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6) Bobcat Asphalt Preservation Tools


Top 10 New Best Latest Technology Cool Gadgets, Inventions, Tools Unboxing Review First look 2020

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Gadgets List you have seen 😃
00:10 hunday
01:09 barbagallo
01:49 srk motorcycle
02:30 otium softrack
03:17 vr free mobile
03:58 pack abs
04:56 keywe
06:03 usb-c hub
07:01 vijex
07:50 max twinter

The Story
Top 10 New Best Latest Technology Cool Gadgets, Inventions, Tools Unboxing Review First look 2020

SunnyBag ICONIC BackPack BackPack With Solar Panel Available On AMAZON

SunnyBag ICONIC BackPack | BackPack With Solar Panel | Available On AMAZON
Amazon USA –

Amazon UK –


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Cool Tech Under 50 – August

New month means new cool tech gadgets under $50!!!
🔥 Wowstick 1F+
🔥 UGREEN USB Switcher
🔥 HomeSpot Switch Adapter:
🔥 Z Cube:
🔥 Lexip Ceramic Feet:

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• Sennheiser MKH416 Mic:

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3 inventive lighting projects using LED strips

In this video I will be showing you how to build three unique lighting projects at home using LED strips. Here are the quality strips that I used:

I specifically used the ‘daylight white 5600k’ strips, but the other colour temperatures are great too. Here’s an ebay listing of the 5600k variety:

And an ebay listing of selectable colour temperatures:

Dimmer circuit:


RGB Crystal Tower Light video:

Google Stadia – BIGGER than the PS5 Xbox 2

Google Stadia vs PS5 vs Xbox 2 – The Future of Gaming!
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00:01 Funny ways to use logos in your creativity
03:35 Creative drawings with household items
06:43 Drawing from circles
16:18 Create some sweet drawings from numbers

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5 Amazing Creative CONSTRUCTION Worker You NEED To SEE NOW with Commentary PART1

Amazing Creative CONSTRUCTION Workers:

00:04 ➤➤ Storage arched hall ☛

The process begins with ‘V’ shaped footer. To initiate this process, the construction works require a huge footer roll. First, the footer is inserted from a side of the mending machine. The machine presses it and molds into shape V. Once the workers have enough length of footer they cut it out and carry the poll of V shape footer to the next machine that helps to curve the V poll. To increase the strength, the words combine two curves into 1. If we look closely it seems like a 180-degree curve.
The next step is to place and fix it on the marked location. One by one all arch is taken to be fixed on the location with the help of a crane and hurray the arched hall is ready.


An example of great human architecture is here. Perfect hammer-strike and accurate human achieve the greatest combination of human architecture. Here the accuracy and consistent human efforts are adorable. I make sure that you surely love more designs made by CASTELLI ROMANI. You can have a look and also decorate your home building, garden, office or any other premise. Just click on the link below for more amazing stone works.

02:36 ➤➤ curved ceiling ☛

Give your home or office premises the mesmerizing look you want with only a little time-consuming. The channel that is designed aiming at flexibility as well as powerful grip, can be set in any corner comfortably. The base fixing is done within no time yet it has a strong grip to hold the entire ceiling long last. When the base is done next step is the curve. No matter what size of the curve you require. This scientifically designed profile is ready to shape any small or large curve. The technical designers of this profile are inspired from the shape of cobra and backbone and this is why the channel looks like a curved cobra and sometimes the bent backbone. The next move is – place the white sheet. Placing the sheet is so smooth and quick that it is fixed before you finish your cup of coffee. Lastly, the elegant touch of plaster makes the final look like never before.

04:34 ➤➤ RIGIPS ☛

Do you have too much space and want to utilize it? Here is the perfect option – Affordable and well-designed furniture mechanism. The process begins with the installation of a pre-designed shape. The base construction is a powerful combination of POP sheets and strong channels that provides lifelong durability to your furniture. Once the interior installation process is over, it’s time to secure all edges to give it a fabulous look. But please avoid using a drill or any other pre-used tool in order to maintain the smoothness of the work. In the next step, all edges are covered applying aluminum profile and let it dry for a couple of hours. At the end of the day, the work is done and you have durable and graceful furniture.

07:50 ➤➤ HORNBACH ☛

We initiate with building a tough base. Trace the location we need to dig. The dept needs to be at least 1 foot. Drill and make 2 holes to insert a screw that will hold and bear entire weight. Fill the holes with cement before inserting the screws. Cut a one side iron wire and frame it with 2 iron poles. Now as we have done with one side of the fence, we can fill the remaining part of the pit with cement. Pour some small particles of sand and rock so the land has the natural look. Next, we can fix another side of the fence with another iron frame. Fill the empty place between both sides with small and medium rocks. Also, fix both frames applying iron clips. Repeat the process until you fill the empty place using rocks and iron clips. Now flow water over the rocks and wash them. At last, if you still find an empty place at the bottom of fence you can put some rock there too. You can also use a different color of rocks if you like.


Voice Commentary: George
ScriptWriter: TK Ketan
Video Editor: AMJATH KHAN

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