In this video we'll be building a motorized lift for your desk setup, all on a tight budget! Try out AudioBlocks: This build uses commonly available parts to keep the overall cost low. Here are links to them: Motor: Bracket for motor: Pulley for motor: Smooth Idler Pulleys: Pulleys for threaded bar: Timing Belt: Threaded Bar (this one is UK only): Locking Nuts: Captive T Nuts, also called 'blind nuts': Switch: Here are some of my favorite AudioBlocks tracks: Old Time Memories - Action Movie Music Score - Rocking with Lizzy - Johnny the Pale Rider - Wonder River - Schematic and wiring will be added later. Tags: monitor, lift, desk, pc, setup, tv, diy, build, make, pin, how to, mechanism, motorized, project, electronics, guide, matthew perks, diy perks