Today we'll be building a Bluetooth speaker! Visually it looks fantastic with a lovely wooden front and a concrete outer shell. This concrete not only looks great, but it helps audio quality too, as the sound produced by the speaker is very solid and confident due to the lack of resonance. Plenty of techniques will be used for this project, so sit back and enjoy!

Links for everything:

Dayton Audio ND65 speaker drivers (US):

Dayton Audio ND65 speaker drivers (EU):

30w Mini Amplifier (eBay US):
30w Mini Amplifier (eBay UK):

Bluetooth Receiver (eBay US):
Bluetooth Receiver (eBay UK):

DC-DC Isolating Converter (US):
DC-DC Isolating Converter (UK):

Step down voltage converter (US):
Step down voltage converter (UK):

Potentiometer (US):
Potentiometer (UK):

Battery Bank Tubes:

Detailed templates:

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