In this video we'll be making a sweet-looking PC case from scratch, using cheap materials & basic hand tools! Also available in kit form! Have access to a CNC already? You can purchase the source SVG files here: (free PDF template for hand tools also available) Many thanks to Reichelt for sending me the components used in this build. Check out their website at: They have some great deals, so are definitely worth checking out (esp. their prices on computer components!). Here's a link to that awesome glowing EL Wire: And the awesome FLIR ONE thermal camera: Thanks to Overclockers UK for the sweet Super Flower PSU: Here are the templates that you'll need to cut out the panels, if you don't want to use the kit version: Components used in the final build: Motherboard: Processor: RAM: M.2 SSD: Processor cooler: Graphics card: Fanless PSU: