Cheap Smartphone Gimbal Under 100$ | Available on AMAZON ☑ Product Link - Product Description Support Phone Modes: iOS 9.0+ or Android 8.0+ will be achieved the best performance of app. Phone screen width range: 58~88mm; Max Playload: 210 gram. Specification: Pan Mechanical Range: 640° Tilt Mechanical Range: 320 ° Roll Mechanical Range: 320 ° Phone Time Lapse Expert Time Lapse Expert Hohem iSteady Mobile Phone Gimbal is the world's first gimbal to launch the Automatic Face/Object Tracking Lapse, its tracking speed is much faster than similar gimbals on the market. Static and Motion Lapse iSteady Mobile also support Static Lapse, Motion Lapse and Static Motion Lapse. Highly recommend to connect your Power Bank if you need to shoot longtime of time lapse. Ergonomic Handheld Control Panel Design Designed with a direction joystick on its control panel to easily recognize and switch between different gimbal modes, and multi-function slider for zoom&focus. Focus Pull & Zoom Capability By pressing the W/T slider, gimbal achieves high-precision Focus/Zoom changes in real time to create creative shots. You can also zoom as you want to take close-up shots. wo-Way Charging Two-Way Charging and Longer Runtime Hohem Phone Gimbal not only support power input and output, also support phone charging via USB cable.12 Hours Runtime is durable for your footage creation.On the side, there are 4 Battery Indicator of battery life, each light represents 25% battery. Safe Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery It is powered by rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries. Its Li-Ion Battery feature Over Charge and Over Discharge Protection to maintain the battery life. Hohem Gimbal APP--Hohem Studio, in which you can personalize the prameter settings, including RGB,Focus Control,Zoom,Shutter,EV,ISO and White Balance. You can control your gimbal within the professional APP--Hohem Studio, available in Android and iOS app store. Place and balance Hohem Gimbal with Calibration Switch on the Roll(Y) Axis before powering on the gimbal. For heavy phones, such as iPhone XS Max, you have to pull the calibration switch to the maximum. If you enjoyed; Like, Comment, Subscribe! ⇢ Subscribe to The Future Tech: ⇢ Also Please Subscribe Our 2º Channel : ⇢ Facebook: ⇢Instagram: #Subscribe #FutureTech #Inventions #TechGadgets #Latest