Food Industry Machines are amazing (Super Satisfying):-

00:14 ➤➤ Southern Supreme Fruitcake nutty ☛

The yummy cake manufacturing initiates with the blending of ingredients. Egg, flour, butter, and sugar are the chief material of cooking. The iron hands keep mixing them while workers continue to add some more spices. Once they mix all necessary ingredients, the mixture is brought to a huge oven.
It tastes delicious but how to identify? For easy identification, it is undertaken a shaping process where the working staff gives various shapes utilizing machine genius. Finally, the caked pieces arrive at the end of the journey and packed by hot-pressing equipment.

00:14 ➤➤ ‘CP Ready Meal’ ☛

CP food manufacturing has set up a genius meal preparing technology. Get ready for a spicy tour. A number of large containers move continuously ahead and bring rice to various processes. The containers are filled with rice and water then machine hands stir the mixture carefully, lastly the utensil is locked using a lid and it is sent to the boiling process. A digital equipment eyes at a temperature so that the boiling process runs accurately. Due to this digital function of technology, we ensure that the food is baked perfectly. In the next level, rice is shifted to another container and brought to another process.

In the next process, the rice is filled into empty boxes. The box is divided into 2 parts. The half of it is covered with rice and remaining part is filled with fried balls.

00:14 ➤➤ Rondo ☛

Rondo is superb man-made engineering or we can also title it as a dough master. Rondo advanced technology to shape up the dough in perfect and equal size. The process initiates with large dough pipes. At the next level, the moving plate carries the pipes to a blade section in order to cut out the pipe into small equal-sized pieces. A giant hand shapes robot up all square parts into a round.

00:14 ➤➤ . Caramel Pecan truffle ☛

It is made in a container and brought to bakers. The baker has a small container with fourteen half oval-shaped holes. Surprisingly, they empty the container and forward to the next process. When the container arrives at another baker, he fills it with dough then let it dry. After half an hour the half chocolate balls are ready. Finally, the balls are decorated with some cream and choco layer and Caramel balls are ready to go.


If you are a pasta addict, I’m sure you gonna love this. The cook adds some flour and pours eggs mixed with some spices. The dough is ready to be transformed into various shapes. Here we have a variety of Italian pasta; stripes, wires, and small and big pieces of pipes. There is also a shape called pipe or more than that, it is known as Rigate Pasta. It just looks like a snail shell. The cook keeps changing the process level so the machine shapes up a variety of pasta.

00:14 ➤➤ Grand Food Corporation ☛

This is one of the finest examples of human engineering. All machines are automated here and perform duty smoothly and accurately. The process begins with blending flour and oil. A large container mix-up these ingredients within no time. Now the dough is moving to the next process. In the next section, the machine makes some thick layers. Moving forward, the sheet encounters with two cutters which help to remove the rough edges. Now, the next machine shapes up the sheet into a triangle. The pieces are turned into roles when triangles go through the next level.
Now, it is time to have some heat. The roles are slowly moving to bake machine. then Ready.


Voice Commentary: Joe
ScriptWriter: TK Ketan
Video Editor: AMJATH KHAN

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