At just $700 for a 65-inch model, The Hisense H8G has tremendous value potential already, but toss in Quantum Dots and Android TV and you'd be crazy not to wonder if this is a TV you should buy. In this unboxing, we'll get our first close look at the H8G, run through some initial settings, and offer some first impressions. Get ready for some surprises at just about every turn with the Hisense H8G. 0:00 - Intro 0:50 - What's In The Box 1:25 - H8G Connections 1:59 - Design 2:22 - H8G Setup 3:34 - H8G Picture Settings 6:38 - Android TV 7:20 - First Impressions Hisense H8G Quantum is available here: SUBSCRIBE FOR THE LATEST VIDEOS VISIT DIGITAL TRENDS In our studio: BDI Corridor Media Console: Music: Digital Trends may earn a commission when you buy through links on our channels. FOLLOW US!