In this video we're going to be recycling some broken laptop screens to make a fake window light for some cosy evening illumination! FAQ: LED_EN (the 'on button') is sometimes called EN, ENA, BL_ON, LEDON, BL_EN, or ENAB PWM may also be PWM_1 VLED (12v) may also be called VCCS, or LED_VCCS. If you can't find it try and find the fuse instead and solder to that. If you can't find a pad it may be because it's referenced with a number instead (R110 for example), with its full name given in a key somewhere else on the PCB (sometimes framed by a white box). If any of you find some other names for the above pads please let me know and I'll add them to the list! Want a free audiobook? Sign up here: