Hug MEGA MACHINES Amazing Equipment You Must See. Innovative Techs Subscribe to my channel to get to know all news! ► ⚠ Don’t miss next videos: Press the little bell ((🔔)) to get notifications All copyright to videos and music Belong to their lawful owners. If you are the author of the materials or the copyright owner of it, but your authorship was not indicated or you object to its use, please contact me: MERIPEAT MJK-350 The Finnish trimmer MeriPeat MJK-350 is designed to prepare rank and bogged soil for agricultural use. The subsoil is processed at 12-16 inches below the ground, with all the vegetation and stumps being ground in this layer. RANCHWORX TANDEM AERATOR RanchWorx Tandem Aerator was developed from the scratch for aeration of pastures and management of land resources. DEBRUIN CHOPPER ROLLER Debruin Chopper Roller is a simple, super-powerful machine, manufactured as a single roller or as a 118-inch wide tandem. KWIK-TRIM 53 KWIK-TRIM 53 is a mobile tree trimmer. Kwik-Trim was developed by the American company Loftness Manufacturing. The machine is designed for trimming knots and caring for trees in communal services, public parks, gardens, forest areas, etc. SUPER FORREST Felling of trees is a complex process but at times recycling may add to the complexity of the process too. BUCKETMOUTH TSG1000 It’s been more than 10 years that Bucketmouth has been involved in the preparation of farmland and land management, as well as in the largest landscape works around the world. PONSSE K121 The loader is designed for shipment of round timber under severe conditions: on slopes, in wetlands or in confined spaces. KUBOTA X080 Advanced Forest Equipment, Inc. has developed an original professional disc mulcher to be used as an attachment for the excavator. The SUNFAB hydraulic motor is used on the timber clutch of the RDM38 ECO excavator, which effectively mulches the vegetation at the reach of the boom. #megamachines #amazingtechnologe #technology new inventions engineering