The Mac Mini Thiccccc Boi setup: The Black Friday tech deals kind of sucked so here are 20 last minute Cyber Monday tech deals that didn't! ***The Deals And Things I Mentioned In The Video Thingy*** Barrel of Monkeys!!!: That Galaxy S9/Echo Spot DOTY: THANOS INFINITY GAUNTLET!: Acer 23.8 IPS Single G Big Boy Monitor: JENGA! JENGA! JENGA!: Echo Dots For Everyone!: Philips Hue ALL The Things!: Sengled Smart LED Package: WiFi We Use, The Orbi: Kingston ELITE 64GB Flash Drive: Toshiba 43-Inch FIRE TV: Toshiba 50-Inch FIRE TV: Polk Audio With Freaking Alexa Built In!: It's CRUCIAL You Get This RAM (heh): 12-Inch Macbook DEAL: Canon T6 Crazy Deal!: CRAZIER CAMERA DEAL!!!: Apple Watch Series 3!: 2015 15.4 MacBook Pro: DJI Mavic Air FLY MORE Combo: MONSTER iPAD REVIEW IS COMING! Catch up on all things iPad to prepare your mind: TLD Behind the Scenes! Mobile users: Music via Musicbed: My Audio Setup & Gear: Instagram: