MOST AMAZING TOP 10 INCREDIBLES MACHINES FOR KIDS. Innovative Techs Subscribe to my channel to get to know all news! ► All copyright to videos and music Belong to their lawful owners. If you are the author of the materials or the copyright owner of it, but your authorship was not indicated or you object to its use, please contact me: AUTOFABRICA TYPE 0.1 Magnificent styling that complies with the design of enduro motorcycles famous in the 70s of the XX century, is assembled in the Auto Fabrica English workshop. LANDSPEEDER American company Radio Flye has developed a copy of the unique Landspeeder X-34, used bt the hero of Star Wars Luke Skywalker. BUGATTI VEYRON In Kazakhstan, a tuning company introduced the kids’ Bugatti Veyron. This car is almost one and a half times smaller than the original. Its body is made of fiberglass, and the salon is designed for children. POWER WHEELS BOOMERANG POWER WHEELS BOOMERANG is a kids’ three-wheeled car. The car is intended, first of all, for a full-fledged adult drift. At the same time the car is absolutely safe. ARROW SMAR KART An electric Smart-Kart is made especially for kids of primary school age. The model has got intelligent technical equipment, which allows to make driving significantly safer and more comfortable. MINI TRUCK KIDS A realistic copy of the 18-wheel American truck does work. This truck is equipped with a real internal combustion engine. LAMBORGINI MURCIELAGO A large-scale copy of Lamborghini Murcielago is done quite accurately but its proportions are still shifted towards functionality, with the location of the main nodes being taken into consideration. Under the hood of a kids’ supercar, one will find a 50-cc two-stroke engine from the scooter. TOYOTA CAMATTE SPORT Manufacturer Toyota Camatte Sport has created this kids’ car for all the target audience age groups. The paramount task of creating a model is to show the world that cars can be not only good-looking but also interesting. GO-BOWEN A kids’ electric kart by the Big Toys company is almost equal to the original one in terms of functionality. Its 48-volt brushless electric motor with the capacity of 1000 W is powered by a lithium-ion battery. interesting technology top 5 facts