It's been four years since Motorola last launched a high performance flagship phone, but they used to be one of the top-tier android manufacturers (anyone remember the Droid line?) In the meantime Motorola has produced dozens of good but low-cost and power devices, but they're aiming for the top again with the Motorola Edge Despite great specs, a unique wrap-around screen, and a big battery, the Edge+ is launching into a crowded field, and the $1,000 price tag isn't helping. There's nothing really wrong with it, per se, but for that price we expect a top tier phone, and with a middling camera and a few design quirks, it's hard to justify that expense, especially with the OnePlus 8 Pro starting $100 cheaper, and year-old Galaxy S10s available for half the cost. It's worth a look, but it's hard to recommend. Read our full story on Engadget: Get More Engadget: • Like us on Facebook: • Follow us on Twitter: • Follow us on Instagram: • Read more: