I've been using the new Apple iPad Mini 2019 aka iPad Mini 5 for a couple of days now and judging from the design, performance and current iPad/iPad Pro that exist, I've been wondering: Is it just too late? I answer that very question in this video! Interested in a full iPad mini 2019 review? Let me know in the comment section! Find Apple's 2019 iPad Mini here: Follow us on IG for more iPad Mini content - @uravgconsumer & @uravggf Catch up on UrAvgConsumer videos: Airpods 2 Rumors + My Perfect Airpods: Teching Out Our Kitchen! - Samsung Galaxy S10e - The Good & The Bad: Social Networks: Join my Discord Server: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Snapchat: uacreviews UrAvgGF - Twitter: Instagram: Snapchat: uravggf For business inquires email: