TOP 5 Most Amazing CAR GADGETS never seen before. Innovative Techs Subscribe to my channel to get to know all news! ► ⚠ Don’t miss next videos: Press the little bell ((🔔)) to get notifications All copyright to videos and music Belong to their lawful owners. If you are the author of the materials or the copyright owner of it, but your authorship was not indicated or you object to its use, please contact me: Discovery Vision British company Land Rover introduced the concept of a new system, based on virtual reality and designed to help the driver see a section of the road that is hidden behind the car's hood. AutoPi The Danish start-up developed a key that connects to the Portable Diagnostic Reader of the ODB port and allows the user to program it for sending alerts about the car, tracking its location and monitoring its performance. Road Shower Road Shower is the road shower, easily attached to the trunk of your car. If you like active recreation, such as hiking in the mountains combined with camping, bike trips and other fun, "Road Shower" is ideal for you, since it is a rather compact device which can be firmly fixed in your car. Sealander Sealander is an amphibian trailer, which can serve as a boat and a camper at the same time. This compact system is a kind of hybrid of a camping trailer and an electric motor boat. A 160-inch long and 66-inch wide device, equipped with a small electric motor, is the brainchild of the German inventor Daniel Straub. Reel Quik Hitch The main drawback of most towbars, which causes numerous complaints from owners of heavy trucks and trailers, is the need to position the car as precisely as possible so that the mounts fit together with perfect precision. Bush Winch Motorists who drive not only along the highways and city streets know what a serious problem it is to get stuck on the off-road. The Bush Winch can also help solving this unusual problem. It uses its own engine and the transmission of the car in order to get it out of any difficulties. 5 new