TOP 5 MOST POWERFUL & DANGEROUS Military Fighters Aircraft IN THE WORLD. Innovative Techs Subscribe to my channel to get to know all news! ► ⚠ Don’t miss next videos: Press the little bell ((🔔)) to get notifications All copyright to videos and music Belong to their lawful owners. If you are the author of the materials or the copyright owner of it, but your authorship was not indicated or you object to its use, please contact me: McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle is a battle-field American aircraft used by the US Army since 1976. The vehicle can effectively conduct an air battle and hit ground targets. F-15 Eagle is constantly criticized because of its high cost: its price is 25 million dollars. F-22 Raptor The next plane is the F-22 Raptor - a predatory steel bird, created as a replacement for the F-15 Eagle. This is the only fighter of the fifth generation, which is in service with the armies of the world. Chengdu J-20 Chengdu J-20 is the Chinese response to Raptor, which has been under development since 2002. At the moment, there are nine of its prototypes but the aircraft has not yet entered service. JAS 39 Gripen The next fourth-generation fighter is unique in its versatility. The Swedish JAS 39 Gripen aircraft, built by Saab AB, is capable of performing interception, reconnaissance and ground attacks. Also it does not depend on weather conditions and lighting. Su-57 The Su-57 is the fifth-generation fighter, developed by Russian designers. The aircraft is able to attack air and ground targets. Also, it has got a good level of stealth and excellent maneuverability due to its ability to fly at supersonic speed without afterburner. It will become the main competitor in the sky for the American F-22 Raptor. mig-31 f-35