When one of the most dangerous predator on the planet swims near the surface of the water, its direct dorsal fin rises 6 feet above the water. Meet the killer whales - the largest mammals of the dolphin family. They are carnivores and eat literally all living things: fish, cephalopods and other marine mammals. When there is enough food, the killer whale coexists peacefully with other cetaceans, but if they are hungry, without hesitation attack other dolphins and even larger whales. In the depths of the sea, killer whales have no natural enemies. Even a white shark to them is not a rival, but prey. The size of the prey does not matter: if it is too large, then killer whales hunt with the whole flock, biting off pieces of meat from its body. Close calls with whales happen more often than you might expect. Could a human body survive being swallowed by a whale? Has it ever happened before?